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"MTC was such a great fit for us!! Brooke made us feel so welcome from day one, was always accommodating, and made every effort to instill musical qualities in our children. She is so knowledgeable, compassionate, and charismatic. My two girls, 4yo and 16mo, both loved music class and were always excited to attend. They both learned so much! We can't wait for our next semester with MTC!!"
~Tiffany Blackwood

"My twins started at 2, they love it and it's so neat to see how they've learned music theory in a fun, interactive way. Brooke is the toddler whisperer. She holds the attention of all the kids and adults, gets everyone to have fun and participate, and still sings on pitch! I highly recommend, great for all ages (babies to adults)!"
~Evelyn Briscoe

"Fun class for your little ones. Highly recommend!!"
~India Cox

"I enrolled my kids (a 5 yr old and a 3 month old) for the summer semester after doing a demo class. I thought my 3 month old would be too little for the class and I thought my 5 year old would think it was too childish for him but we needed something to do indoors because of how hot the summer days were. It turned out to be such a great program. When my 3 month old is getting fussy in the car I turn on our CD and she immediately recognizes her songs and calms down. During class I noticed her becoming more and more attentive not only to me but to the others in class. She likes to watch them sing and dance. I can tell she truly enjoys it. If you are one of those parents thinking that your baby is too young for this class, they definitely are not. My 5 year old, while shy in the beginning started warming up to everyone and participating. He may not sing too loud in class because he is shy but he will ask me to play the CD in the car and he loves to sing along to the CD as a family. It's a fun class, my children really enjoy it and the people are friendly. I totally recommend it."
​~Tara Gonzalez

"My little tribe of 3 joined last semester. We had a lot of fun. The songs are fun and the kids have a blast. As you and your kids learn the words it becomes even more enjoyable. My kids will randomly burst into songs now and I love that. They even ask to listen to their music CD over watching a DVD at times. We will be doing it again this Spring!"
~Kelly Hill

"I have so much enjoyed the Music Together® class with my grandson, Samuel. It has been so fun to watch him react to the songs, not only in his body language with dancing, moving his hands & feet, but he also hums when he hears music now. It is very obvious that he loves music & it is having a positive impact on him. As i participate in the classes, I can see the same thing in the other children in the class. Some of them start out shy & want to sit on mom or caregivers lap, and soon they are up moving around and playing the instruments. The teacher is my daughter, so obviously I love her, but it makes my heart so happy watching how she relates to the other children in the class and shares her love for music. In utero, I used to play classical music to her & she responded by kicking & moving around & she started playing piano at a young age. I didn't have to tell her to practice, she loved to play. She now shares her love for music with mothers & their children."
​~Dee Ivins

"This is a great program! Brooke is a great teacher and the kids are still singing the songs. We can't wait for our next class."
​~Kerry Jones

"Music Together Chattanooga is an excellent program. It was perfect for my two year old and my one year old, we loved it! Most music programs are for a specific age but at Music Together we could attend and enjoy it as a family. The teacher is very talented and creative and my children love her. The children really enjoy the materials during class and the CD at home. My one year old barely talks but she sings the songs with us!"
~Lisa MacDonald

"The music class has been a wonderful experience for my daughter and for me as we bond together. It has helped us grow together musically and she also wants to sing and dance with me when we were at home. I know that the music class has helped her in many ways. She loves to be with other children and this music class has been an important part for her to be with other children in a group setting. She loves to put the CDs on at home and have me read and follow along with the music books. This is our first time going to a music class together and she talks about it daily and we always look forward to going. My family is very musical and I grew up being exposed to music and dance. I definitely want my daughter to be musically inclined & have a love for dance. I feel very blessed to have been able to find this music class. Ms. Brooke is such an excellent music teacher. She has such wonderful patience and kindness with all the children. Ms. Brooke is truly gifted with music and dance. She has a special gift in being able to bond and share with the children. She has such grace & style that all the children gravitate to her. I really feel very proud to be in this class and I'm going to tell others about it. I am recommending that all my friends and family should attend this class with their child. Being able to play an instrument with your child in this group setting is very exciting. Especially to watch all the children as they pick different instruments to play and find out what they're interested in is helping me grow as a parent with my own child. I am learning many skills to bring home and teach and share with my child musically. We are learning the different aspects in music such as tone, pitch, diction, rhythm and fun melodies. As we choose different dance moves I am enjoying watching my child and the other children in their creative dance moves. Spontaneous creativity in the world of music and dance has become of great interest to me and I plan to always incorporate music and dance in my child's daily life. I want thank Ms. Brooke for all her hard work & creativity. Thank you for all your music tips & ideas. I plan to use them with my child at home."
~Mary McConnell Alicea

"My girls love this class and Mrs. Brooke! We're so happy and excited to be a part of Music Together!"
~Sarah Nerstheimer

"We did 3 semesters of Music Together with my 4-year-old, and it has been so fun! I really like how it caters to all ages, and Brooke does a great job teaching parents, too. We use fun props, instruments, and games to get involved with the music. The kids learn about music through organized play. Brooke encourages kids to learn their own way if they don't want to do it the way the rest of the class is participating. 
My son is on the shy side, and his language skills were late to develop. After the first class, I heard my son singing in his room at bedtime. It was one of the songs from the class. Although we listen to music all the time, I had not noticed him singing like this before. Then, after a couple of months, my usually quiet son would actually volunteer an idea or even sing a little solo with everyone watching in class. I really believe this class sparked a stronger interest in music, and this was a different way for him to learn and explore his creativity, and I think it helped build his confidence too. Thank you so much Brooke!"
~Laura Paschall

Music Together is AMAZING!! We are not a "musical" family really but we tried a free demo class. My daughter seemed to have a really great time and the best part was she even napped afterwards and that's very rare for her! So mommy was very happy. That alone made me wanna register for a full semester. The more classes we take the more amazed I become with the skills my daughter was learning in class and I even catch her at home singing the songs and doing the motions. She isn't always the best classmate and does what she is told but Mrs. Brooke is awesome and let's it be very low key. I have learned that even if she isn't doing the right thing at that time she is still learning because of what I see at home."
~Michelle Patterson

"I highly recommend this program! My daughter was a little late with her speech development. There is nothing wrong with her, thankfully, but she struggled to develop any vocabulary early on. Then we enrolled her in Music Together with Brooke. I honestly believe it has done more for her speech development in two semesters than speech therapy could have. The program has really instilled a love of music and she wants to sing all the time now. As it turned out, teaching her to sing along with us has been much more beneficial to her vocabulary development than any other technique we have implemented. She also loves the classes and they are wonderful for a little dedicated parent/child bonding time."
~Jana Poe

"This is hands down my favorite hour I spend with my kiddos (age 3 and 18 months). I look forward to Fridays all week as our music classes with Brooke / Stephanie are such a treat. My kids are so entranced by the class, and when we're at home, my daughter pretends to be Ms. Brooke and sings the "Hello, Everybody" songs to all her dolls and her family. We also love listening to the songs in the car. Previously, my kids never broke out in song at the house, but that has changed in one short summer semester. We are hooked and can't wait for fall. You will not be disappointed!"
~Erin Porter

"Oh my, we LOVE Music Together! Brooke is wonderful and made me and my little guy feel super comfortable and excited to start singing, dancing, and making music together! After class, I always looked forward to getting back in the car and playing the CD with the songs we had just sang! I've even heard my husband singing or humming the songs to our baby! Christopher David (8 months) recognizes the songs, tries to sing, and loves to clap his hands! I truly believe that music together encouraged these developments in our super shy baby!"
~Ali Proctor

"My 3 year old son loved the classes! We are still singing the songs as a family and can't wait for our next class. Brooke is an amazing teacher!"
~Armenda Scherle

"We just finished our second session of music together with Stephanie. Sadie, my daughter, asks me daily for two things after class and Mrs Stephanie! This class has been great for her and Stephanie has been awesome (and incredibly patient! 5 best friends in one class is chaos!). Stephanie not only helps the little ones grow musically, she helps the mommies and daddies realize it's okay to just let go, roll with it, and realize all of us learn in different ways. Can't wait for next session to start!"
~Kristen Swanson

"We love music together. My little one is currently 20 months and we started 2 months ago. She loves going to class to see her friends, the other moms, and of course to hear the music. Brooke is wonderful. She has a well structured lesson plan filled with lots of fun things so its never the same. She also lets the kids play and do their own thing (we all know attention spans are not great at this age) so the kids can join in the music fun, but still play and discover as well.Since joining my little one has started gaining her rhythm, she has identified her favorite music instruments, and asks me to sing her songs when we are out and about. She doesn't have too many words yet in her speech that make sense to me so she asks me by patting her knees for the hello song or by doing a little froggy for the frog song. I cannot recommend this class enough. Thank you Brooke for all you do and thank you to the other mommies and kids for making my daughter feel so welcomed."
~Rheana Tacke

"We started this summer with Music Together and I can't be more excited about it. I have a 4 and 2 year old girl and they LOVE it. I'm so thankful to have found it. It's wonderful because it's something we can all do together as a family. The girls listen to the songs in the car and sing them all throughout the day. I love how this class is teaching them all kinds of different music and rhythm. I would recommend this to anyone."
~Melissa Vincent

​"Our whole family loves Music Together! We put our daughter in classes last semester and we were instantly hooked. It has been amazing to watch her grow and develop musically. We are even able to incorporate the songs into our everyday life! Can't wait for next semester with Mrs. Brooke!"
~Jacquelyn White

"My 4.5 year old fell in love with Ms. Brooke and the music of Music Together after attending a demo class. We had been trying to find a way to connect as a family with diverse musical tastes and experiences and MT was the perfect catalyst. Now, we all sing the songs, look forward to attending, and even find ourselves humming the music when we are separate and alone.
Ms. Brooke is an incredible and passionate teacher, as well as a talented musician. Watching her engage with the kids is always fun, but even more fascinating is watching the children each interpret and express the music uniquely and independently. MT has been a learning experience on many levels. She is also one of the most punctual and responsive individuals that I have ever worked with, which makes everything more enjoyable.
Watching our daughter peruse her workbook, listening to her sing to herself, and having our minds blown by the fact that she knows exactly what number every single song is on the CD makes us enthusiastic supporters of Ms. Brooke and the MT program.
We recommend it to anyone who wants to have a great bonding experience with their child and a rewarding opportunity establishing a lifelong love of music and learning."
~Amanda Wojtalik-Courter

MTC Parents